Receiver In The Canal

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Receiver In The Canal

About This Hearing Aid:


Receiver-in-the-Canal, or RIC hearing aids, are a kind of combination of both a BTE and an ITC hearing aid. It has most of it’s technology, including the microphone and microchip, behind the ear, with a thin wire that travels into the ear, where the receiver of the hearing aid is placed, cased in a custom-made ear mould or soft dome. This type of hearing aid can be suitable for most hearing losses, but is not ideal for someone with ongoing fluid leakage in the ear, severe wax build-up issues, or for someone who has poor fine-motor control, as these aids take a bit more detailed care. Once again, the size, shape and style of the aid is influenced by both the severity and shape of the hearing loss, but also by the physical needs of the patient.

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