How Does A Hearing Aid Work?

How Does A Hearing Aid Work?


A hearing aid is like a very advanced sound system

Sound is picked up by one or more microphones inside the aid, which turns the sound into an electrical code. This code is processed using a microchip and amplifier. This processing means that the sound that comes out in the end is clean and clear. The code then goes into a speaker where it is turned into an acoustic signal again, after which it is sent out into the ear for you to hear it.

Hearing Aid Timeline?

1667 – The Early Years 1667 – The Early Years
Late 1700’s Late 1700’s
1819 1819
1900 1900
1903 1903
1926 1926
1950’s – The Analogue Generation 1950’s – The Analogue Generation
1954 1954
1955 1955
1964 1964
1983 1983
1987 1987
1996 – The Digital Era 1996 – The Digital Era
2003 2003
2006 2006
2009 2009
2011 2011
Present Day Present Day

1667 – The Early Years

The first “Ear Trumpet” is invented by Sir Samuel Moreland

Late 1700’s

Ear Trumpets are commonly used


The first speaking tube is patented


The Acouphone, one of the first electronic hearing devices, is released


The Acousticon is released – A body worn hearing aid


The first custom ear moulds are created

1950’s – The Analogue Generation

Transistor hearing aids are invented, allowing for different shapes such as Behind – The – Ear Aids


Hearing aid eye glasses are brought out by Akumed and Otarion


The first so – called “In – The – Ear” hearing aid is invented by Dahlberg


The first Behind – The – Ear hearing aid with an integrated circuit is invented – The Zenith Arcadia


In – The – Canal hearing aids are invented


The first digital hearing aid is made – The Nicolet Phoenix

1996 – The Digital Era

Widex’s Senso becomes the first commercially available fully digital hearing aid


The first Receiver – In – The – Ear hearing aid is introduced by Sebotek


The Eli is invented by Starkey – the first bluetooth enabled device for a hearing aid


The first App for iPhone that communicates with hearing aids is invented


Siemen’s launches Aquaris, the first “waterproof, dustproof and shock-proof” hearing aid

Present Day

Hearing aids are available in all shapes and sizes with many different levels of technology

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